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Drive block vs Tube Pre


Live I run two paths through the Axe 3. One path is my normal guitar patches. The second path is either fed by a piezo if I'm playing a guitar with a piezo, or an acoustic simulation patch if I'm playing a guitar with just mags. Each path has it's own output. I have the tube pre in the piezo/acoustic sim path to warm things up bit, but I'm burning an entire amp block for just the tube pre. Can I get something similar to the tube pre out of any of the drives? It'd be nice to just have a drive block in there and free up the amp block.


The tube pre is technically a tube amp, so I don’t think it would “fit” inside a drive block.
They are completely different things


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The preamp tab of a cab block could add some tubey flavor. The IR part can get set flat by using a null cab, which has an all flat curve.


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Lots a folks don’t want too much amp “color” or breakup on piezo tones. Many run a fairly clean signal as many have mentioned. Volume and FX.
The preamp tab of a cab block could add some tubey flavor. The IR part can get set flat by using a null cab, which has an all flat curve.
+1. I use an IR created from a tonematch with my piezo, but also use several of the cab settings. Try playing with the proximity setting too.
I use Comp, Pitch, Reverb, GEQ and sometimes delay for my piezo. The pitch is to add hat 12 string vibe.
Never tried it but I guess you could use one of the tube drives if set correctly.


most acoustic guitars at professional gigs are run direct to the mixer, without any sort of amp used at all. you can do the same with the Axe-Fx.

generally speaking, people don't want acoustic instruments to be "tubey" at all, as that can reduce the high-end coming from the instrument, usually the whole point of that instrument.

of course what works for you is what works. but try it without the amp.


Thanks for all the replies. I've used the piezo without the tube pre in the signal path, but the tube pre in the signal path of the acoustic sim (signal from the mags) definitely adds some character to the tone. I actually started with one of Austin Buddy's acoustic sim pre-sets, and tweaked from there. I'll be interested to see what he comes up with when he updates the patches for the current firmware.
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