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Drive block question


Hi, Friends

The following article is from Drive section of FX8 manual.

“Bass / Treble – These adjust the low end and high end from ± 12 dB.”

In the above article,

What exactly does the low end and high end mean?



Low frequencies and high frequencies. It’s a basic general term in any audio field.
Thanks for always kind your answer!!

What I really want to know is the Fractal FX8's range of "the low end and high end".
Because they don't say Frequency Values, they just say "Bass".

Generally The frequency range is shown in the table below.

Sub-bass 20 to 60Hz
Bass 60 to 250Hz
Low midrange 250 to 500Hz
Midrange 500 Hz to 2kHz
Upper midrange 2 to 4kHz
Presence 4 to 6kHz
Brilliance 6 to 20kHz

Which one is correct for Low end and High End?
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