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Vendor Dr Bonkers IR Files Cab Pack Tribute to SWR® Big Ben™ 1X18 Bass Cab w/ Bag End® 18 inch woofer

dr bonkers

Fractal Fanatic
Releasing now is the Dr Bonkers Bass Cab Classics™ Volume 15: BIGGUY 1X18 Bass Cabinet IR Collection based upon a 1990 to 2002 SWR® Big Ben™ 1X18 Bass Cabinet, this cabinet is voiced with the original Bag End® 18 inch woofer. Available in Fractal Audio file and various WAV file formats.

This type of cab/speaker combination was the choice at one time of John Paul Jones, Jeff Ament, & Stanley Clarke.

As usual there are sound clips and pictures on my site. Click on the pull down menus and pop out tabs (words with a grey background) for lots of info including history and famous players who used such a cab. If English is not your first language, click on the translate button at the top of my site for many language options.

This is the first bass cab pack I released that features Axe-FX III presets in the Fractal and Combo packs. I will be updating the others in the future and will email past purchasers when their updates are available.

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