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Vendor Dr Bonkers IR Files Cab Pack - 2000 Marshall® JCM 900 1960A™ with Celestion® Greenbacks™

dr bonkers

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Releasing now is the Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Volume 18: JMGB 4X12 Guitar Cab IR Collection based upon a 2000 Marshall Amplification® 4X12 JCM 900 Lead 1960A™ 80w Standard Straight Guitar Amp Cabinet. This cabinet included 4X12 Celestion® G12M-20 Greenback™ 12 inch 20 watt 15 Ohm speakers. Available in Fractal Audio file and various WAV file formats.

For the first time I have Axe-FX III formatted interesting Amp Pairings that you can try. I hope to update all previous packs with Axe-FX III formatted interesting Amp Pairings in the coming months. I will send any registered users an update email as they are available.

This type of 1960a cab/speaker combination was the choice at one time of Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, Adam Jones, Slash, Billy Corgan, and so many others if you look at my site tab for that info.

As usual there are sound clips and pictures on my site. Click on the pull down menus and pop out tabs (words with a grey background) for lots of info including history and famous players who used such a cab. If English is not your first language, click on the translate button at the top of my site for many language options.

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dr bonkers

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There are now some free updates.

If you purchased the wav pack, I have included the 9 choice cab mixes and 9 HypeReal cab mixes in an additional true stereo format and split stereo file format (separate Left and Right files that you can pan on your own).

If you purchased the combo pack, you get the above plus I have updated to Axe-FX III presets to FW12.03.

Any new purchasers will find these updated files as part of the pack too.
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