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Dr Bonkers' Guide to Using Fractal Axe-FX 3 for Bass


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So I was playing with the new factory presets on my Axe FX III with my guitar and was really liking the "Heavy" scene from the new Hevy Devy preset. This scene uses the Herbie CH3 model. I was liking the character of the distortion in it and thought, "I wonder how this would sound with my bass?"

The answer is, it sounded pretty cool. Very thin so I thought I would check it out with some bass cabs. I used the following Dr. Bonkers IR's in the user slots being pointed to. Cab1 : 2x15_TRAY_U97_U97_PZM_DBS from his Volume 17: TRAY 2X15 Bass Cab IR pack and CAB2 : 4x12_AGI_U97_U97_PZM_DBS from his Volume 18: AGI 4X12 Bass Cab IR pack. Now we were cooking gas as the piercing top end was removed.

Next step, it still needed some girth added to the bottom. Well, I know an easy was to do that. I threw in a clean SVT and ran it through the same cabs. So much punch using middle P pickup, with tons on the bottom from the SVT. Anyway, I'll share the preset for anyone that has these cab packs in case they want to try. If you want to sub in built in cabs, try F2:194 and F2:214. It won't sound near as good, but it will work at least. I think the magic is coming from that Tray IR.

Scene 1 : Clean (SVT) only
Scene 2 : Filthy
Scene 3 : Clean with ping pong delay and reverb
Scene 4 : Filthy with ping pong delay and reverb
Scene 5 : Clean with light dimension chorus

http://www.hellbatskitchen.com/sounds/heavy_bass.syx (you may night to right click and "save as" depending on your browser.

The sound I was going for is contained in scene 2 and what I was trying to achieve was "Pissed off Lemmy after the speed kicks in". The SVT by itself in scene 1 sounds pretty nice. The ping pong delay and reverb were lifted directly from the HEVY DEVY preset and dumped in here just for goofing off. The first delay is also taken from that preset and I added some ducking to make it sit more in the background while you're actively playing.

Note : this is a stereo preset, it might sound bad collapsed to mono, I haven't tried.
Note 2 : This uses user cabs. You will need to either load the same cabs into the same locations or choose different factory or user cabs.
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Hey just wanted to jump in here. After reading this I tried a copy of other amps on my FM3. The CAE with any speaker sounds amazing with my Pbass. I think it will be my new go to set up.
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