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Not a Bug Double Tap on external switch


New Member
Hi, i was experimenting with a double switch, connected eachi via a TS cable, so i set both to "1 Switch (Tip)" and "Follow Hardware, Normally Open" in the Global IO setup.
Two strange things happens:
  • I need a double tap in order to get it work. No matter which function i choose.
  • Does not always says what it should: i have replaced the Layout 1 with other functions. When i set it to the scene inc/dec function when i double click iot does ans view inc/dec, which is setted for the hold function.
Any help?


Have you tried changing the switch polarity? Go to HOME -> SETUP -> I/O -> Pedal page and change Switch 1 Tip/Ring Polarity settings to NORMALLY OPEN.

If that doesn't help, what switch are you using?


New Member
Yes, i have tried all combinations.
The switches are ones i made myself with 3PDS switches.
Surfing the web i found out that there are different kind of switches and that one must use "normally closed"ones for working on first tap.
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