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Dont think my new AxeFx add on is working properly....


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He/she is a dead ringer for my old cat (Captain Pounce Jenkins, III, aka Pounce) that I lost to pack of dogs in our neighborhood a few years back. Coolest cat ever.. the whole block of neighbors showed up when I buried him there in the yard. He was a particularly large Maine Coon that I rescued while hiking near Santa Fe NM. He used to come sit in the room when I played guitar- a little loud - and leave as soon as I quit playing. Used to walk up behind people and trip them with his paw too... funny cat.


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My cat Pudge has one reeeeeeaalllly annoying habit.

He likes to chew through wires! :eek:

Sucks to be me :lol


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Photographic evidence of the fabled "Keeper of the Licks"...

"so I herd this box is for wicked licks. I approve human."
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