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Don't Spill Lemonade on Your Laptop


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Back in my office machine repair days we had to constantly clean electronic calculator keys from coke and coffee spills. Water is the trick. Then pressure air it out and allow plenty of time to dry. We put a fan on them for about a day. It's not the liquid that kills them it's the sugar.


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I spilled a small amount of lemonade on my NOS 2015 Macbook Pro. Mopped it up and didn't think much about it. Today the left shift key got stuck down.

Took me two hours to figure out how to remove the keycap, clean and reinstall. Little tiny plastic parts in there. Tough for 56 year old eyes.
Coffee into the Power Connection of the homestudio is also a very fast way to stop a complete Recording Session within Seconds. Fortunately it was a small ristretto and not a Café Latte in my 500 ml Darth Vader mug.
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