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DOKKEN - "Dream Warriors" cover video


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Awesome! Man, I miss the 80’s too, for so many reasons. BUT, we have awesome guitar gear available today for very little money comparatively. And amazing musicians to remind us of the greatest era of music ever. 😉


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That was insane Rocco
you guys totally nailed that
i agree w other poster it sounded like the recording except for the occasional little tasty fills you added that were not part of the original track

George is and remains one of my favourite players
always the perfect blend of aggression
and melody , and a very recognizable
sound and signature

you totally captured his tone and vibe
on this so cool


This is just amazing Rocco, as always. I am so excited whenever you have a new song up. Brings a huge smile to my face and I end up listening to it on repeat for a while. Brilliant playing, and those vocals...they are some of the best 80's vocals I have heard anywhere. The pipes on that guy!


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Would love to take the preset for a spin!
I would also like to try that preset. Great playing!!
+1 on a preset. Killer playing and fantastic tone.
Loved that Friedman growl....Awesome Rocco.
Was this preset ever posted ?

Thank you so much guys! To be honest it's a really simple patch, literally just amp and cab! I've attached some screenshots of the tabs where I've actually tweaked stuff, all the other parameters are default! Can't share the patch cause it's using a 3rd party IR from Ownhammer, you can see it in the pic ;)


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