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Does the XL+ have more processor power?


I was wondering if the XL+ has more processor power. A few of my patches on my MK II are hovering around max CPU and I get that occasional crackle and I am toying with upgrading


My understanding is that it does not. The improvements had more to do with hardware peripheral to the processors. Different display and index wheel, more memory for cabs, improved A->D and S/N ratio, things of that nature.


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Didn't I read that Cliff had made a few code optimizations for the XL+ that slightly reduced cpu usage compared to the mk1/2?


All II models have the same processing power.

IIRC CPU usage of XL and XL+ is (slightly!) higher than Mk I/II.

[edit: I was wrong, see below]
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XL & XL+ use slightly more CPU than MK1/2 due to the extra X/Y states and such. It's less than 1% IIRC.


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Ah, that's what happens when you rely on a poor memory. I seem to remember in pre XL+ days a post mentioning the XL used slightly more CPU than MK1/2, and thought it was X/Y on the additional blocks.

Usually I'm never wrong, but I could be mistaken... ;)
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