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Does the Transformer Drive parameter....


Do the same thing as the the Transformer Match parameter on the Standard/Ultra? Reading through the wiki's to work on my mesa mark/triaxis tones and it was suggested several times that that's THE parameter to tweak. As I turned it on my AXE II i felt the amp model jump out of the speaker....insane, but I also lowered the bias so maybe that's it..


Fractal Audio Systems
No. The Transformer Drive is exclusive to the II. It models the core saturation in the output transformer. The Drive increases the amount of core saturation.


Hey thanks Cliff. Is the transformer match parameter or it's equivalent present on the axe 2? I really liked what I heard when I cranked that drive.


Fractal Fanatic
Now I gotta try this settings... I wonder how it affects the "tone" on high gain amps vs cleaner amps?
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