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Does the fm3 have a hard drive in it?


For hard drives the question is not if they fail, but when they will fail.
For this purpose flash memory makes so much more sense.
Yea thankyou for the answer, Thats what i was wondering so its flash. I like to build pcs and didnt want to try and take the fm3 apart to find it out.

Greg Ferguson

Fractal Fanatic
It would be sweet if it did.
Sure, if you’re willing to put up with disk crashes caused by physical shock. Imagine a laptop from five or ten years ago, when they all had disk drives, only it was always used on the floor and was stepped on regularly. Even one with a rugged case would end up with the drive being the most fragile part and disk crashes would be the most common complaint.

No thanks.

Greg Ferguson

Fractal Fanatic
Was wondering if any of the parts inside could wear out sooner than later.
Wear out? Yes, of course, eventually. Even electronics eventually wear out but the odds of it happening during your lifetime are small. It’s more likely you will upgrade to something well before that happens. The only moving parts are the fan and switches.

Fractal’s devices are over-engineered for reliability.
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