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Does a "TRS breaker" exist?


New Member
I have my studio headphones hooked up to a Mackie Big Knob, which is great, but the only way I can mute the headphones when I want to swtich back to studio speakers is to turn the gain knob down to -inf.

That's fine, but it means every time I go back to them I've got to dial in the right volume level again with the knob. I'd prefer to leave the volume the same and have some kind of "TRS breaker" box next to it.


Ideally what I'm looking for is something fairly simple; you press the button and it opens the TRS connection, you press it again and it closes it. Nothing more. I just want to be able to mute my studio headphones with one button.

Does such a device exist? Thanks!


I have a small Yamaha mixer between my output and powered speaker. Works great for what you’re asking. Just turn down the volume at the mixer.
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