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Do you use scenes and boost amps with pedals for gain staging?


Hey guys-

I currently run a traditional rig that's quite versatile, and I'm having trouble getting my axe up copy it.

My deluxe verb is set to the edge of breakup. For my light gain, I hit it with

1. Bogner blue
2. Medium crunch is a suhr koko in front of the bog blue
3. I boost #2 with a tubescreamer afterwards
4. Lead is just a clean boost at the end of the chain.

Do you guys stack pedals like this on the axe? I can't seem to get a similar setup going with my axe that sounds very good. I've tried using 2 amps and ABing between, but idk. Just struggling with basic gain organization. Can someone describe your basic 4 sounds and how you're achieving them? I see a lot of cool individuals presets, but never much insight on how to structure everything oftener


I stack pedals all the time. It's a big part of my Trey A patch (two TS drive pedals). It sounds great with some amps, so-so with others -- just like the real world!

If you look at this post I did: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/77182-warmest-delay-distortion.html#post940899 -- someone wanted a warm clean that went in to low gain and then warm overdrive. I did it with stacked drive pedals on top of the Shiver amp model which I find has a nice, warm sound to it.
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