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Do you have a cheaper guitar that you like as much or more?

Cave Man

Do you have a cheaper guitar that you like as much or more than your expensive ones?

I'm finding I like the feel and playability of my Schecter Banshee. I think I paid $395 for it.


Epiphone SG Special VE. Paid $150 new, and it’s the perfect guitar to go to when you’re drunk and you don’t want to knock around any of the case queens.

I kept playing it and kept being surprised, but plugging it in actually convinced me to buy it.

Andy Eagle

Yes lots but mostly they where cheap at the time but not really now. I have an 88 Ibanez 540s that I paid £175 for that is great . Also an RG3120 from 2001 mint for £500. It's as good as my Suhr Modern.


Fractal Fanatic
Ibanez RG550LTD. I have owned and sold a J-Custom RG8550MZ, JS2450, JEM7VH... but that RG550LTD is a keeper. It is a lucky piece of wood that cannot be substituted with high dollars.


I have a Charvel Model 6 that I much prefer to a Jackson Custom Shop. On the other hand, I have another Jackson Custom shop that I prefer to both.


My partscasters with Warmoth necks are my all time favs, and I had some expensive guitars before my divorce and had to sell them all. But remember you choose every single spec. With my expensive guitars there was always something, fret size, radius etc. I wished I could change.


I have a Korean-made 335 I purchased when stationed there in 1999 (maybe $200 at the time). It's under the brand Jim Deacon. I keep going back to it, even over my Japanese-made Gretsch Black Falcon.


Fractal Fanatic
I bought my first Strat (MIM) ages ago as part of a deal involving a JCM800. I was at a music store near Virginia Beach and balked at what they wanted to give me for the amp and the guy there pointed over to about a dozen MIM Strats and said pick one.

I wasn’t a Stratocaster guy (that certainly has changed) and picked one at random and damned it’s not one of my favorite guitars ever. I have plenty of guitars that cost five or six times what that Strat cost and it holds its own.
I've got a Yamaha RS620 - they're $700 new, I got it used for $400. It's a great guitar. I sure wish cheap guitars had been this good when I was a kid! Back then it was all Hondos with fret ends that may or may not have slashed your fingers to ribbons.


Power User
My s2 prs is probably all-around the most comfortable guitar I own. It's also the one with the most hours on it from when I was touring.

Given all that, I'm considering an S2 SC594 over a core version at a later date.


My MIM Charvel DK-24 competes with my Suhr Modern for play time. Excellent guitar for the money. They can be had used for about $750 if you're patient.

I liked it so much that I just bought a USA version that's even better (and NOT cheap ;))


I have an 88 Ibanez 540s that I paid £175 for that is great
I have about 10 from 87/88... The most I ever paid was $450 with OHSC and shipping.

Keep in mind the MIJ guitars were THE best Ibanez was producing during their Golden Age. They were definitely not cheap when they were new.

The S, R and RG series from the period (87-93) are an excellent value used.


Used to have a korean Vester concert series with active pickups from the early 90s. I wrote and played some of my best stuff on that guitar. Wish I would've kept that one.
I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom, a Custom Shop R7 Goldtop and a LTD Snakebyte. A few months ago I bought a Schecter C-1 SLS Elite and it smokes them all
I picked up a used PRS SE Standard Hollowbody for $750 last March and have been nothing but impressed by the instrument. I played it more than any of my other guitars over the last year.


I bought an Harley Benton TE-52 "super cheap tele" (https://www.thomann.de/be/harley_benton_hbt1952.htm) as a "lol project".
Since day one she was a keeper...It had a few "annoyances" so did the following to fix the "them"
  • Wilkinson WTB bridge: Original bridge had no sustain / muffled higher B/E strings and was slighty off center
  • Kluson "vintage looking" locking tuners: That was mostly to be able to tune the guitar... and keep it in tune

It's really a cheap guitar (3 pieces body, neck wood is really soft, really orange fret-board...) but that axe is now my fav guitar... over my Fender AM deluxe strat or my Gibson LP...

Disclaimer: I don't get money from Thomann (sadly)... but the HB are pretty nifty cheap guitars - I currently own 3 of them - few small mods here and there and you get cool-fun guitars
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