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Do we have any OD that is a "flavored" OD in the Fx8?


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I've got a Splawn Supersport EL-34 that is my main rig now and I use the FX8 in 4CM mode with it and it works fabulously. last night the other guitarist in my band saw a Bad Company Tribute band and the guitarist was using a Supersport as well (Go Splawn) but he was running pedals into the clean channel.
Jekyl & Hyde V3
Bogner Blue
Friedman Dirty Shirley OD to be precise.
I've never tried doing that with the FX 8 are there any real "Distortion" pedal models in this thing that are flavored like those mentioned?
I use the "Eternal Love", the FAS boost, the TS9 and DS1 models all the time but those ae boosts for lead playing.


There are several pedal models in the FX8 that are appropriate for use into a clean amp. Like you, I pretty much only use the drive models as boosts into already overdriven amps, so I don't know the more amp like drive models off the top of my head, but I know there are several.


You're just looking for a drive model to add dirt? Shouldn't any of them do that job if you increase drive instead of level?

For making a clean amp dirty, I like the Timmy, Super OD, Face Fuzz, and a few others I'd know if I were in front of my interface.


sounds like you are looking for more amp in a box type pedals. There aren't really any of those in the FX3.


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sounds like you are looking for more amp in a box type pedals. There aren't really any of those in the FX3.
exactly, that's unfortunate that the FX8 doesn't have any , like the pedals I referenced in the OP.
oh well guess I can add an external pedal to my board if need be


If you want a fair amount of gain the Ruckus (based on Suhr riot) and the Zen master (Zendrive) work very well with clean amps in my opinion
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