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Do I need two versions of Fractal Bot?


I just received my FM3. I've been using my Axe FxII MKII for the last eight years. Firmware is still Quantum with Fractal Bot version 2.9.0. Downloading the latest Bot wants to delete the old version. I'm keeping the II and want to be able to back up and load presets. Is the new Bot compatible with the Axe FxII?

Greg Ferguson

Fractal Fanatic
Try connecting with the new version and see. It should tell you if it isn't.

But, FM3-Edit has the most recent version of Fractal-Bot embedded in it, so you don't need two stand-alone versions. Use the built-in one for the FM3 and the stand-alone for the FX2.


Thanks to you both. I did read it was embedded and forgot. Clicked under tools and there it was. Stay tuned for more newb questions.
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