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Do I need to buy this?


So I've never really bonded with a Strat. I *like* them, but got along with an LP and Tele much better.

But I took a look at this Andy Timmons Ibanez, and I'm kinda liking it. HSS config...and like that it does NOT have a skinny neck.

Amazon product

Please talk me out of this.

Or not.

Is that not a Strat just with a different headstock then?

I'm going through an 'anti buying new' phase and I'd consider a used Strat Deluxe and although it comes in SSS format it is routed for HSH so you can drop a new loaded scratchplate in with HSS HSH or SSH whenever you like.

I 'hated' Strats for many years - partly because I was a Gibson LP player and partly because I was a twat for not even trying one out for any length of time (even though I had Charvels for whammy 80's duties).

Picked up a 1999 used US Strat Deluxe a few years back for low money just to look good in my rack .... but after playing with it (and modding it a bit with a Toneshaper) I quickly grew to like it a lot.

So I say go used and give a good guitar a decent home - and pimp it out to suit yourself.
No doubt a nice looking rig. Neck feel might make all the difference but I would be inclined to go with a Dean. They have the new sidekick pickups. Save yourself several hundred bucks. I know it's on a per guitar basis but the build quality on my $ 650.00 Dean easily surpassed my $1300.00 Jem 7V.
Money is not an issue really. I had a Dean Cadillac, and it just didn't sound that great (it was the high end one...)

Just seems like a decent guitar, and I'm okay with going off the standard 'I need to own a <insert traditional guitar>' mentality.

It doesn't seem like many have purchased, so I'll have to sit on it for awhile.
For me, I would have to move the volume control down a bit away from the pickup, and tie the treble's to the bottom. Never was a fan of maple fret board either.....just me!
Every electric guitar player needs at least one Strat. I have one of the select series, it's a great guitar.
Every electric guitar player needs at least one Strat. I have one of the select series, it's a great guitar.
Well, that's what I thought also years ago and bought one. But a few weeks ago I've sold it.
I cannot get it with Strats. I'm a LP man. The sound, the feel.
Have to say, some get great sounds from a strat. So it's all about preference.
So I've never really bonded with a Strat. I *like* them, but got along with an LP and Tele much better.
But I took a look at this Andy Timmons Ibanez, and I'm kinda liking it. HSS config...and like that it does NOT have a skinny neck.

First, are you referring to AT10 or 100? These are 2 completely different guitars by all means.
I would not recommend the 10 though.
It is kind of a very modern strat and I almost bought the 100 once but then discovered something else.

First, I’m a H/H with split configuration guy, for more than 15 years now.
But then I realized I need a strat for these “sometimes cases”….the band required that so I went to check different strats while I totally ignoring fender as I really don’t like these guitars, I think they are way overrated.

So, I ended up buying a hot G&L Legacy HB, it’s a US made H/S/S with split for the bridge and that’s a wonderful guitar that has it all, nice and creamy heavy bottom in the bridge and super crystal fenderish style cleans and crunch on the single pickups.
Build quality is top! I think it smokes many fender guitars in the same category.

My 2 c.

Every electric guitar player needs at least one Strat.

You would know it within a few minutes if it's a keeper. Grab one from a vendor that allows no hassle returns. I had to return one to Sweetwater once.
Let's look at the electronics (the art in red):


It seems to me that it basically is a three humbucker guitar packaged as a Strat, so even though it looks HSS, it's really HHH, and does that configuration make sense for your music? (It might.)

If I was to get an Ibanez, I'd want something more HSH more along the lines of what they put in Steve Vai's guitar, or dare I say it (the complexity is over the top), Herman Li's?

No, this is incorrect. The Cruisers sound like single coils pretty much. So it's an SSH strat.
Anyway, if it was me, I'd get an SSH Suhr Classic Pro. However, I prefer SSS strats to SSH strats. I was a strat hater (unless someone else was playing them :D) for many years, but I love my Suhr Classic Pro. I play it as much as my humbucker guitars and it sounds and feels great.
My main guitars are Strats... so I'm a little bias and don't have really anything to contribute... except !... maybe look at a more contemporary Strat type of guitar. (To me) the biggest thing/hindrance between a Strat and LP aside from the tone is the physical feel between the two. Particularly the neck/fretboard radius. So with a more contemporary Strat/type, look for one that has a flatter neck radius and neck profile closer to a LP.

Just my personal experienced based opinion based between the two guitar types. But the neck was always the more noticeable thing to overcome between the two respected guitars.
I have a Suhr Custom (Strat) with the ML pups. It has become my favorite guitar. I have a bunch of guitars but at this point I am considering selling most of them and keeping my Suhr Custom and Suhr Modern (loaded with two humbuckers. I can cover the single coil - double coil sounds with just those two guitars. I set up 1 bank of presets eq'd for the humbucker and another bank of presets eq'd for the single coils.
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I am a big fan of strat's with a more Gibson'ish neck. If your not much of a single coil player too begin with it can certain open a new world to you.
Buy it!! I've been looking at the very same one for a couple years now, let me know what you think? The Dimarzios sound great
I can't play a strat , at least not one with the traditional 3 pickup layout. It's that DAMN center pickup ! My picking style , and the way I tend to dig into my strings , has me hitting a center pickup constantly.

Otherwise I'd own at least one. My Gibson Axcess is my current love affair. Tone meets versatility.
Please talk me out of this.

No way Ron, you asked the question! I would love one of these models personally. I have an 85 Japanese Squier strat that I just received as a gift from someone not using it. I would probably invest in one of these in the future but don't need to right now. You could go a little cheaper and the used route:
I'd say if you're wanting a unique strat tone with an awesome string-height + neck feel, go for the Ibanez. They're very nice guitars, I believe the "higher end" model that Ibanez has now was one that my buddy had about a year ago. It played like an Ibanez and sounded like a strat. If that's what you're going for, DO IT!!! ;)
Damn you people.

Yeah, I'm leaning towards it. Maybe that Ebay route.

I'm with you 1poor, always been a double HB or double SC player, so it took me awhile to not smack my pick on the center pup. Also I kept hitting the volume knob on the Strat (nothing more embarrassing on stage than to have your scrunchy face on while soloing and BOOM, out drops the volume when you get a bit too...elaborate on your showmanship.)

There are a few holes in my guitar ownership, a strat 'style' is one of them. I will have a hollowbody as well down the road. But this caught my eye/ear.

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