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Djentleman , I gotta problem

IMagine Sebastian MAniscalco when you read the title ok? I’m Italian too, if its not obvious, so if i come off as abrasive, i apologize upfront

But fellas, I gotta problem

I love my axe iii to death, I love my FC6 slightly less, but I love it just the same, and I love my Laptop i7 w/16gb ram +Adam A7+ my AXE EDIT

But here’s my issue, I keep going back to Djentlemanly (preset 102)

No matter what, when I grab my 8 string, Ill play clean on Clean Solo (100) and a bunch of the rigs from Banks 1-3 (Mesas , Marshalls,) and then within 4minutes I’m back at Djentlmanly

Why is that? Am I addicted to one preset? IF so, how do I get outta this PAPER BAG!!!

Literally, I cant stop going back to Djentlemanly unless I’m playing a 6 or 7 string guitar, and I’m worried I am missing out on my Axe because of it

Please help (lol, seriously, I know it sounds funny, but I am stuck)
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I am enjoying it, and the axe is doing everything its supposed to. I think I’m just a bit jealous of you gearheads who know how to squeeze so much more juice out of it than i can still....I’m only on Hi gain lesson 4 in Coopers class, I’m being a truant!!!


I can't break away from my Friedman HBE patch I made 4 years ago. I transferred my presets from my IIXL when I got my III last year, tweaked them to taste, and haven't really dove into anything new. It's still the best investment I've ever made.


The Axe saves me money in GAS avoidance. I'll never use 50% of its capabilities but I'll save 100% of the money I would've spent chasing variety, novelty, hype etc in the tube world.

For metal with some low lows...

The Mesa JP:2C can also be a very good friend if you get the pre and graphic EQs right.
Fractal Modern is also great.

EG 2006

Check out some of Leon Todd's YT videos for inspiration to try other amps. Plus he shares presets that are killer.


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Like others have said, you've stumbled into tonal nirvana. How long (how many amps/guitars/effects) have you been trying to get that tone? Right, so just enjoy it. I too have sounds that I cannot stop playing, and it feels really good to walk into the studio, fire up the III, and start jamming in a very satisfied way. The odd thing is some of my favorite sounds now are clean/edge-of-breakup (never were before) - and thank goodness the III let me stumble into them!


My advice on learning how to squeeze more out of the Axe is to start your own presets from scratch. Compare the sound (not settings) of your new preset to the factory preset(s) you like and see if you can make it bigger and better. You'll definitely get a lot of good stuff from Cooper's class. As stated before, Leon's vids are a great resource.

Some starting point amps I usually go to are any of the HB/HBE's, JP's Mesa, 5150 Blk. That's just a couple of my fav's but, the sky is the limit really. Have fun learning and experimenting!
I have started, with the help of coopers class, but they come out so RAW, BASIC, and thin....its like WHY bother when that preset literally makes my balls rumble? Lol jk

Seriously, I love the Rectifier Red, Orange, I love the modern, i love Das Metal, and actually Das MEtal is better for the 6 and 7 string standard tunings, its another amazing metal preset, obviously i love heavy MEsa sounds

But when I hit that Low F# or E, man, what a sound that Djentlemanly makes with my Lundgren M8, it sounds like a gun going off


The Axe saves me money in GAS avoidance. I'll never use 50% of its capabilities but I'll save 100% of the money I would've spent chasing variety, novelty, hype etc in the tube world.

I wish.

I have most every amp I could want in the box, and yet, I sit around thinking about them still... It's got nothing to do with need.


Nothing wrong with having a favorite. I love most of the amps in the Axe-Fx III but, as soon as the Triptik Modern was introduced, something about that amp just drew me in. I tend to play with that particular model more than the others. Freaking thing gives me goosebumps!
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