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Discovered today that PEQ knobs can accept modifiers, despite lack of little yellow circle in AxeEdit3


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Really cool to smoothly sweep any "non-modifiable" amp parameter (or several parameters at a time) with an expression pedal to hear differences while playing. Much easier than using knobs on front panel or in AE.

Joe Bfstplk

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Really cool to smoothly sweep any "non-modifiable" amp parameter (or several parameters at a time) with an expression pedal to hear differences while playing. Much easier than using knobs on front panel or in AE.
Yes, I can see that. You can play and tweak at the same time, sweep the pedal until it sounds good, then set that/those setting/s at the value/s it/they ended up at.

A lot easier than going the Zaphod route and having a third arm surgically added....

Joe Bfstplk

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Does anyone know of (or use) a theremin-type device that could be used like an "in air" expression pedal?
No, but it sounds like you're trying to build the radio tuner from the HHG, where you wave your hand in the general direction of the radio and, once you finally find the station you want, have to remain annoyingly and uncomfortably still to keep it tuned in. :)

SRSLY, that would be pretty cool for some stuff. Control the synth pitch and volume with a couple of them, and you'd effectively have a modern version of a Theremin.... :)



Back to OP, found this too last week, and I understand the enthusiasm here, but I do not agree with/like the current state of it.

State between AFIII and AE is now inconsistent/broken, you cannot assign/remove modifiers to parameters on AFIII 12.11 you currently can with
AE 6.01.

If anything can have a modifier, but no indication which one has one except for the parameters that have the modifier indicator, that is not a good idea.
Especially because currently these parameters, that is the ones I tried so-far, can be saved, exported and copied/pasted within block, clipboard
and preset.

If this “feature” is not going to stay, make sure everything that a user is not supposed to access/change, can not be changed/saved/exported etc.
If it is going to stay, then give the user the option to disable it.

Eg if user wants stable, persistent modifier targets, select protected mode which accepts modifiers only on the parameters with the dot as currently possible on the AFIII hardware.
Anything else is (must be) discarded. This would apply to AE, AFIII hardware and midi and should be enforced on the hardware.
This mode selection should be accessible on the hardware only.

If you want to be able to apply a modifier on almost everything, disable protected mode.
Non-standard modifier targets with a modifier on it could have a different color for example.

Maybe even include a mask option to let user define which parameter can accept a modifier.

I like the AFIII a lot, and appreciate all the updates, but this discovery of being able to assign a modifier to almost everything without clear indication and the consequences of it I do not.
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This is a bug in Axe-Edit. It shouldn't allow modifiers to be connected to those parameters.

Theoretically ANY parameter can be modified but we disallow some parameters from being modified because it can cause audio artifacts.

If there are parameters you want to be modifiable the correct thing to do is to make a request in the Wish List. If we deem there are no negative consequences to making the parameter modifiable then it's a simple thing to do as it's just a flag bit in the parameter's descriptor.


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Try attaching a random LFO to the trim start and trim end! Here's a little sample including a random LFO assigned to reverse and half speed - it glitches in a few places where the min and max overlap but that's part of the fun IMO.

Or use a synth, arpeggiator and harmoniser to generate chords (see attached patch).

That reminds me of this old post that I don't think was ever implemented:

New Looper feature preview: Attaching modifiers to Play control
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