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Dire Straits - "Money For Nothing"


Hey all - I've been absent for some time with illness and other BS but thought this was a preset people might find interesting - lots of people have been asking about this tone in various sub-forums.

It's an odd tone for sure but I've basically followed the few bits of information out there which is it's using a cranked JTM45. In this case I actually found the stock G12M25 IR worked really well. Whilst there is a crybaby in the chain (as per many an interview), it's resonance is turned right down so it's not so muddy and there's no control on it. Please note this was done with a JB pup in the bridge position so you may have to do some tweaking for your own gear.

Enjoy :)




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You played it very well. But it is definitely a different sound than a single coil. Sounds nice...........


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Les Paul used on the recording
Yes you are correct., but I just like the strat sound better, as advanced by my avatar and user name :) We always played it with Strats or Strat-lke gits. He could play it on a anything and it would sound good.
One of my favorite players ever.......
It's pretty close, for sure. Here's the original, isolated guitar track. Or it is represented as such.

I hear a different cocked wah setting and the original is a bit cleaner with less fuzz in the higher registers. More of a pure cranked Marshall sound and less overdrive via stompbox or gain control.


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He does have some vids playing what looks like a Suhr S-S-HB in bridge. Cannot really tell where switch is as far as which pup or pup\combo he is using.
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