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Dimebag Randall rg100es


I actually came across this a couple of weeks ago. I really like it , and get the Dimebag sound out of my LP! I couldn't find that username on the forum to thank you, so...

Thanks for the preset and cabs! Great job!

Chad Murphy

New here
How about Far Beyond Driven tone? Do you happen to know what he was using on that record? And thanks of course
1994 Guitar World interview


“I stuck to what I've always used - Randall amps,” said Dimebag of his equipment on Far Beyond Driven. “The only thing that was really different on this album is that the signal from my guitar was routed through three Randall amps which were recorded simultaneously on each track -- three amps mixed down to one track. One stack was effected with my MXR flanger, for a kind of hollow sound; another stack was just straight up and dry, and the third was set similar to the dry stack except that it had a little more gain. Separately, one sounded horrible, one sounded great and the other sounded bassy; but together they sounded incredible.” He also used this head on Vulgar Display Of Power.
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