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DimeBag Darrell Cowboys From Hell Tone?

Just remember Darrell used a Furman PQ3 to get his tone while running it through the Randall head
I never owned a RG80 or 100 but I owned the Dean Dime amp which I believe was meant to be a least sort of a RG100 copy. Never really liked it unfortunately. I very recently owned the Century 200 II which was amazing sounding. Direct I'd say it sounded like the first Skid Row album. Bright, razor sharp yet aggressive like a chainsaw, and pinch harmonics were effortless. I never played it was a PQ3/4 and 6 band EQ so I can't say how much post EQ it would need to really get the Dime sounds.
It was a beautiful sounding amp and I would have loved to keep it, but I bought it solely to flip. I tried to build an amp block in the AX3 to copy the C200 but couldn't get anywhere near close enough for my liking (although a Silver Jubilee probably got closest), and I specifically did not want to tone match. @trixdropd 's Dime patch more than covered my Randall/Dime itch.

El Creepo

I have a preset I'd be willing to share, but I am using the real Flanger/Doubler in the loop and am not exactly sure how to copy that sound in the AxeFx.
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