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Different modifiers for x/y states + formant shifter


First of all I'd like to say thank you for the continued support and development of this astounding machine. Especially the latest firmware is another milestone in the quest for the 'ultimate' tone we are all after.

However, there are two topics that keep bugging me:

- Different modifiers for x/y states
- Formant shifter

I'd be perfectly happy if FAS were to say they will never be addressed and I'd surely find ways around it - if I knew they will never ever be addressed. But if they indeed will be addressed I'd patiently wait for them to make it into the Axe and could spare myself the tedious workarounds.

Is there 'someone' out there who may provide some hints at what to do?

Thank you very much again.


Fractal Fanatic
both great requests. i made a wishlist regarding adding a modifier, specifically for the bass cut switch. then someone else chimed in asking for everything to have a modifier. maybe a bit much but ok, if we could get it all, why not right? Yek replied that it would most likely require too much of the cpu. That isn't a confirmed fact but considering that available cpu is becoming a premium, different modifiers for x/y states at this point may not be practical. hopefully we can get a more definitive response.
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