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Difference In SYX Formats?


I apologize as I'm sure this info is somewhere but I can't locate it... I'm new to CabLab and the manual says that bunch for *.syx formats will be created (e.g. XL, AX8, etc). It also says that they can be loaded into alternative FAS products...

Can somebody give me the skinny on why there are different file formats? For example, I have an AxeFXII XL... as long as the syx is ultra res, do I care which I import?


PS - I saw the threads requesting that the user be able to select the desired output format(s). I agree that this would be a good thing as it saves cleanup.
I just converted my first batches today (OH cab sets) and I would have appreciated the ability to pick formats. It wasn't a lot of work to clean up the folders, but it would have saved time on converting and time on clean up.

Now I get to play with them! :)
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