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Did you sell Axe Fx/MFC after the purchase of the AX8


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Got my AX8 months ago and it seems that the Axe Fx gets very little use and the MFC has been pretty much just sitting.

There is a desire to sell the Axe Fx and MFC lately but I am not impulsive like allot of my friends, who change gear more than socks. And then a few months later turn around and buy back what they already had.

Already aware of the differences between the two setups. So we don't have to discuss that.

But was wondering ? ? ?

Any of you sold off your Axe Fx/MFC-101 and come to regret that decision?



I have been wanting to sell both of mine but simply haven't had time to post them for sale. They are both sitting untouched for 2 years now.


Thinking aobut it! But I do need a backup, though I could buy a second AX8 from the sale of the Axr-Fx/MFC rig. But the rack unit is collecting dust. No gigs in months, no home use once I goet all my "stuff" off it for the AX8.


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My Axe II is basically a very nice interface for my AX8, and the MFC just sits there. I do love the added flexibility that the II provides, but in reality I almost never use it unless I just don't feel like pulling the 8 out of its' gig bag. Probably should move it to another owner...


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Thanks for the replies guys!

Its funny how I am not sure what to do, so when in doubt (Keep it for for now). After all both pieces have been bought and paid for for years now. Not like I’m making monthly payments or anything like that.

The “backup rig” or the “A/B rig”.

In my case I really don’t play out much lately. So as far as backup that’s out the window but in the off case did not have the Axe Fx and the AX8 went down, pretty comfortable just using a Fly Rig 5 and a wah in front of that.

However the A/B rig thing, I think this is what makes me hesitate. The bottom line the AF II is the more powerful flagship unit, putting aside using it as a audio interface it still has more, and can do more, than the AX8. No secret there. And that’s where the insecurities creep in. the two words that keep going through my head; “What if ??” Not so much for a live situation, but when trying to accomplish something a little demanding on the hardware or just plain unique in a recording environment.



You need to know what you want and what your needs are. AX8 in regards modeling is on par with AXE FX II. Other things to considered would be MFC and traveling with the equipment. At the end = fun + investment. I have sold my AXE FX II and MFC and I do have no regrets.


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If you are eating and all the bills are paid, KEEP THEM!. They don't eat anything when not in use, and it is so nice to have your rig at home all hooked up to just play. If money is tight sell them and keep the bills paid. You and only you can make this decision. Either way with the AX-8 you are in good company.


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i get the AX8 some weeks ago but I've been thinking to trade the AX8 for the AXE FX 2, because i dont play live anymore.


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No, Still have the Axe-Fx II XL+ and the MFC-101 set up in my music room.

The AX8 does all the traveling. Just got an EV-2. It is small and I like it!


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I'd get an AX8, but the midi capability is too limited for my needs. Most people want AX8 switches to operate just the AX8. Or MFC to operate primarily the Axe-Fx rack. Any foot switch at my feet needs to operate axe-fx gear, vocal fx, backing tracks in a DAW, functions on digital mixing board, functions in Ableton Live, and lights. Very unlikely Fractal would ever program that into an AX8, but it's doable and I'd pay plenty for that add-on. Plus it would increase Fractal market to include musicians with at lease some of those needs.

To that point, Gordius is coming out with a small black box that brings their midi capability to any foot switch, but you lose the hardware integration and extra functionality that comes with that.

I wish Gordius would negotiate a developer add-on/integration, but that's very unlikely as well. One can dream... back on topic, I'd probably keep both, but forced to choose, I'd go with an AX8 with robust midi capability, and have another as backup. For now, the AX8 (like the MFC) does not do what I need so I'm not a customer.
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