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Did Axe-Edit Gen II just overwrite my Ultra Axe-Edit?

Hey, I'm back. I've had an Ultra for years and hadn't spent time on the forum. It's been running like a champ. BUT, I just got hold of an AxeFX II XL today (and an MFC-101 Mark 3) and upon downloading the new editor to my Macbook, I no longer see my editor for my Ultra. Gulp. I still use that all the time and plan to keep the Ultra. I was not aware of any messages during the download which asked about that. But honestly, nor did I go through all the release notes so maybe they told me so.

Anyhow, I just found a thread here which points me towards downloading an old Axe-Edit version (provided by Zelman) which seems to do the trick for people. (I remember there was one version that worked and another that didn't.) I'll try to install it soon. But first, I don't want that version over-writing my new editor! Is there anything I need to know or do before re-installing my old editor? I'm kind of new to the Mac world. I also see that transferring my old files to the new editor is possible in order to compare settings if need be. Neat-o! Although I think the quick controls will reduce my overall editor usage somewhat with the XL. That's a very handy feature.


You’re going to have to jump through some hoops to get them to co-exist peacefully. Rename one to “Axe-Edit Gen1” or something like that before you install the newer version. And turn off auto-updates.

That still may not be sufficient but it’s a start.
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