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Detuning with the Pitch Block working poorly?

Danny Danzi

Power User
I don't think you need a clip or sceenshot to understand that a latency of 18ms is a bit too much.
Or am I seeing things wrong here?
Again, I can understand some latency when computing the note value is concerned but for detune or a fixed harmony, only a multiplication of the frequency is involved and this should cause hardly any latency. Certainly not 18ms
Read the original post on page 1 by Birdy. Latency was.mentioned by others. He was getting a doubling artifact. Whatever my latency is....it's not bothering me or hindering my performance.

@Birdy so glad it's working for you all of a sudden! Let us know if you have any more issues. I was ready to help you nail this one.....glad you're good now! :)


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Well, I sat down to record a clip and upload my preset, and suddenly it works well with no problems!
I did record the issues I had a few days ago, but since now it's working fine I won't bother finding and uploading them.
I will do it though if this problem returns.
So what exactly did you change to make it work now?


The Kemper handles pitch/harmonizer pretty good. I think the axe just need an overhaul. Hope it will happen some day. There have been quite a lot of threads like this during the years.
Maybe Cliff is finally satisfied with Q8.02 and will spend some time with FX improvements :)


I can understand latency for calculating the note when an intelligent harmonizer is used.
But for detune or fixed pitch shift?
I thought this just involved a multiplication of the frequency or am I seeing this wrong?
To the best of my knowledge, there's no such thing as an algorithm to "multiply the frequency" of an arbitrary waveform without latency.

I think the manual probably explains a bit more about how pitch shifting works. If not, Wikipedia ought to say something...

[EDIT] Well, I was wrong about the manual. There's enough to suggest the approach used, but not much in the way of details.

Here's a good starting point in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_time-scale/pitch_modification
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I did some tests yesterday with the AX8's pitch block using @Moke settings and digitech The drop pedal: the AX8 has a warbly, like tremolo sound and some artifacts that make it unusable for me for this task. The Drop sounds smooth although a bit bassy (I could have corrected it with a filter in the AX8 but was a quick test).

The preset used is a slighty modded version of the factory preset "brownface" (#3?)
Aren't there two voicing's on the detune and Fixed Harmonic? I had a similar issue and as soon as I turned one of the voicing levels off the warble went away. Also look at the tracking, it'll help fine tune it. I also use Poly track instead of mono/stereo etc.
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