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Delayed orders with UPS


I'm in Idaho and my FM3 was supposed to arrive tomorrow and had made it to IL yesterday but suddenly today their site shows it hit a delay. It's now showing this Friday for delivery.
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I think the hub in IL is backed up. Mine showed delayed there and never showed movement until it suddenly said out for delivery.


I sold and shipped my Helix Floor on Monday from Mississippi via UPS, and the tracking status has been "Shipment Ready for UPS" all week.. Starting to get worried, but it could be more of the same with the shipping networks still recovering from the ice/snow.


Update: I just logged into the UPS site to check today's status and was pleasantly surprised to find the FM3 is out for delivery today. Don't know what that delay was about yesterday that suddenly posted but looks like it's all back on track for today. :)


My AFX 3 went via UPS through Lexington and Indianapolis. Ordered Saturday, just showed up today, right on schedule.

Go figure...
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