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Delayed Channel


Hi, I'm new to the AXE FX 2 and want to know how to make a preset with a delayed channel. I want the left channel to be delayed for about 15 ms by the right channel (same sound but just delayed). Also, is it possible to pan an harmonized guitar hard right while the original guitar is panned hard left ? If you have some presets it would be greatly helpful for me.


Axe FX 8.01a


in the grid, place a volume block after the cab and pan left

underneath that, place the mono delay block in parallel, set mix to 100%, set to 15ms and pan right

to do the split harmony thing, change the delay block for a pitch block - again, make sure mix is at 100%



The enhancer block can also do this. Classic mode, 75% width, swap Pan L and Pan R values as the II delays the right channel by default (I think). No need to use 2 rows in that case. Actually with the delay you could use one row, pan the cab right, set the delay echo pan left. Delay mix 50%, level 6 dB to keep original level.
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