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Bug? Delay infinite repeat degradation over time

Greg Ferguson

Fractal Fanatic
I'm playing around with the Delay hold on the factory EJ Clean preset, #95 on my FM3 running Cygnus v4.01.

Delay 2 is a Digital Mono model, and is set to rolloff lows and highs in the preset, so, in an attempt to get it to do an infinite hold without degradation, I reset the channel back to its defaults.

After setting up a per-preset for CS1 and tapping hold, I'm still hearing the signal degrade within a minute.

Back when, about the AF3, Cliff said it shouldn't degrade on digital mono or digital stereo:

If you use the Digital Mono or Digital Stereo types you shouldn't get any degradation as long as you don't change the EQ and Modulation from the default values.

And then said it'd been implemented "for the next release" after we pointed out that it was degrading...

Implemented for next release.

[EDIT] I should say that I have not implemented a simple delay. I have improved the Delay block so that the repeats do not degrade.
I tested on the AF3, and it appears to be fine, but it doesn't appear to have been implemented on the FM3 as there's still degradation. The following archive contains two .wav files showing what happens after about 60 seconds and the two presets I used to test. I spliced the start and end together in the .wav files to shorten them and to show how obvious it is there is a loss.

Is this an oversight, or does the FM3 lack the resources to implement it?


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Greg Ferguson

Fractal Fanatic
The FM3 is not an Axe-Fx III. To implement this in the FM3 would increase CPU usage which is not worth the trade-off.
If I wanted to create a loop using Feedback Send and Return, and add a GEQ or PEQ to counter the degradation of the frequency response, what values should I use? Trial and error?
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