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Delay Hold Clicking. Help?


I have delay 2 set up as a very warm, spacious sounding delay for volume swells. Now that I finally have my MFC-101, I programmed a modifier to turn on the delay hold. It works great, except that whenever I switch the delay hold on, I sounds like a metronome is playing a little click in time with the tap tempo every time the loop starts over. This also happens if I manually turn on the delay hold on the unit instead of using the MFC-101.

I figure there must be some sort of trick to doing this. I spent about a half hour or an hour searching the forums and have not had any luck finding a solution. Any ideas?


I suppose a "pop" is a more accurate description than a "click." It sounds similar to the metronome from garageband. I am assuming it is a function of the volume jumping suddenly as the loop repeats, but it doesn't just sound like the volume jumping suddenly. It actually sounds like a pop that is louder than the sound in the delay loop.


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I could also confirm this in one of my patches. This behaviour is new since version 10. It never did that back in version 9.02


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Hmmm? I'm curious about this, too. I tend to use delay hold with an improv project that doesn't play that often, but we have a gig Friday, so I'll have to check out this new behaviour (I'm not near my Axe now). I previously found delay hold to work really well for holding sounds and manipulating them.


I had a problem sorta' like this. I don't have a delay hold, but I do have tap-tempo. I narrowed it down to just getting my guitar cable too close to the midi cable.
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