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Delay Block + Expression pedal volume drop issue


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Hi all,
Can anyone help me with this one:
Here is the scenario:

1. A delay block set in parallel, permanently enabled. mix set to 100%, bypass mode set to MUTE FX IN
2. An expression pedal set using a modifier to control the mix, 0-100% (so the amount of delay in the preset can by controlled in realtime)

Then I begin playing and then using the expression pedal I bring the delay in. There is a fairly significant drop in the preset's volume.

This doesn't happen when I just use an IA switch without the expression pedal attached. So what is it about the pedal & modifier that causes this? Is there something i'm missing here or if not is there a workaround?


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Cheers Bakerman,
I was looking at the input gain control last night, wondering if that was the better option. Will give that a try. Thanks.
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