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Deftones Self-Titled Tone


New here
I've been spending forever trying to get that perfect 7 string tone from Hexagram, When Girls Telephone Boys and Bloody Cape.

I've been playing with my LTD SC-608B for a year and I've just recently acquired an Axe-FX 2. I've found some amazing presets from the community, but I've struggled in getting that GIRTHY guitar tone. I know guitar dubs play a huge role in that sound along with EQ but im just wondering if anyone could send me in the right direction.

I'm currently using the Recto 2 Orange Modern along with the Trad V60 (OH) cab. I've got some other stuff along the guitar chain like a graphic EQ behind the cab, and tube screamer drive pedal in front of the amp. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Well I know Stef used Marshall JMP-1's for the longest time, including that era. I'd try one of the 4 JMP models we have in the II along with a Marshall cab of some kind. I don't think a Tube Screamer would get you any closer. I don't think he ever used one of those. Maybe try one of the JMP models?
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