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Wish Default Value Tool for Amp Block


This wish is for both AXE and FM3 editors.

I would like to have a reporting option in the amp block that would review all settings in the active amp block channel (i.e. the one with focus in editor) and then pop up a modal window that lists all the parameters that are NOT at that default values for amp model.

It would help find those parameters that have deviated from the default values from user edits or firmware updates. It would also help to eliminate the question of whether the amp block needs to be reset to be back in line with the fw defaults.


New Member
+1 I agree, I was just thinking this the other day. Some sort of indication would be valuable. It seems like it would also be useful when in the midst of tweaking - an easy summary of what I've changed.

Dave Merrill

Fractal Fanatic
Don't think this is as simple as you wish it was.

That said it would be cool.
Even better if it could show diffs from the saved version too, probably one or the other.

AJ Vargas

The correct value is the value when you reset the amp block. Double-clicking resets it to the "global reset" value which is zero. Ideally double-clicking should reset it to the correct value but this is a limitation of the architecture at this time.

This post by Cliff leads me to believe that it's not that simple at this time. Even if it's about keeping a log of the changes made from the default values.


I guess it must be more complex than I thought.
I assumed (I know, dangerous) that there is a default set of parameters for each amp type and those values are used on the initial amp select. This function would compare those initial values to what is currently loaded in the amp channel and report only those that are different.
I never considered different reset types to muddy up the waters.
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