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Def Leppard's Phil Collen on the Axe-Fx III (new video interview)


Yeah, he is. But the best thing he said was that you can dial up the best sound ever on an amp, but spend weeks trying to get it down on tape with mic's, rooms, etc. Don't have that issue with the digital rigs.

Good interview. I LOVE watching these guys wonk out on gear.


Fractal Fanatic
Great interview about Phil's gear throughout the years! He talks about the Axe-Fx III at 9:40 and also at 1:02:15, but I recommend watching the whole thing, it's pretty cool for any DL fan! :cool: 🤘

Dude thanks for sharing! Love Phil....super cool guy who is always happy.


Fractal Fanatic
All these "lockdown online videos" comes with love and hate. I love that lots of videos coming out from plenty of people and you get to hear new stories and angles from their career. I hate the fact that all these (well most of them) mega million dollar stars cant be arsed getting proper mic and webcam for a crisp quality.
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