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Deconstructing my JCM-800 Firmware 10.02 **ONLY 10.02 ONLY**


Re: Deconstructing my JCM-800 Preset Firmware 10.02

Thanks Scott for that detailed post. I like how your patch is a morph of all the great tutorials on PEQ,Filters,Comp... it's a great patch to use for reference in of itself!


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Re: Deconstructing my JCM-800 Preset Firmware 10.02

Wow, I learned a lot here.
Thanks Scott!

I made a "Stereo Version" of your preset.

- It's kinda cool, you can pull the "Tape Drive" out of it's "cage" back to the original
position to go back to the mono version.

- I also changed the "Filter" that was right before the Amp with a "PEQ" (see picture below)
I highly recommend you try this!

- I didn't change anything else but I played with some other cool settings.
On the "Tape Drive" that sits before the Amp, try changing the "Clip Type" for some very interesting results.
I especially liked the "SOFT" settings in some situations.

Here is the preset:


I already adopted some ideas and applied it to my favorite presets.




Re: Deconstructing my JCM-800 Preset Firmware 10.02

Dear Scott

Any way to get this going on a normal AXe-not Ultra?


Same for Fender clean


Scott Peterson

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Re: Deconstructing my JCM-800 Preset Firmware 10.02

Andrew - nicely done. I'll dig in with your version later.

I've already totally revamped my entire preset template already though in advance of this, using multiple filters... much like you have with the PEQ in one case actually. I do like your way to keep the stereo field... nicely done.

thunder100 - what Fender clean would you prefer? And just drop the MBC and this should work in the Standard. My new template won't work on the Standard though, I am using a lot of filters for variations... though you could substitute GEQ or PEQ for the same.


Re: Deconstructing my JCM-800 Preset Firmware 10.02

Dear Scott

A &5 Twin Reverb od Deluxreverb or a BAssman.There are patches her but as non so good tweaker I learned a lot on the JCM but would need to learn more also on the Fender cleans(While I could nail the Mark IV(Have one) Instantly)

Also I think it should go to Wiki



Scott Peterson

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Re: Deconstructing my JCM-800 Preset Firmware 10.02

ang said:
Scott, do you still keep the hi-res at 2.50 with the new firmware?
Have not had time to suss it out completely; I've restructured the entire template even before the new firmware.

What I'll be doing is working at it for rehearsal this Wednesday and possibly redo the thread for 10.03 if needed on a new thread. Every firmware requires reassessing status quo approaches... so in other words, hang tight.

Scott Peterson

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Re: Deconstructing my JCM-800 Preset Firmware 10.02

yek said:
I'm very curious how you guys have dialed in your presets.

I've updated to 10.03. I have loads of top end headroom with clean sims (Brownface, Vox w/bright sw.: treble at noon, zero Presence).
And no problems with higher gain sims, such as Shiva LD and Uber, with treble at noon and Presence at 5.

Using Red Wire CapEdgeOffAxis IRs.
Just spent a lunch hour blowing at 110db with 10.03. Anyone not going to this (though I am NOT a metal player!) out of 'fear' is crazy. Shredi doesn't go FRFR and is primarily a metal guy; so take that into consideration when hesitating to even try this firmware.

Cliff just made this thing drop dead simple to dial in. I am totally in Yek's corner here.

Go back to your HF Resonance of 5.00. Amps without presence, just leave at noon (or use as a cut in Class A type of amp blocks (Dr. Z, Matchless, Vox, etc). If you have an amp block with presence control in the analog counterpart, then take it to a 'start' setting of around 5.00. All EQ start at noon in the amp block. Set gain and MV to taste. Set EQ and Presence to taste. Viola. Welcome to 10.03.

Quick, easy and your high end will have more character and bite without annoying unnatural 'edge'. The top is smooth and shimmering now.

It's a noticeable difference. For the better. You'll hear it most using single coils and using a sharp attack on the strings to get transients jumping. Dynamically the top end just breathes better, reacting to your picking dynamics in a noticeably more open way.

And when you hear Plexi2 (bass EQ at 2.5, Mid at 5.0, Treb at 5.0, Presence at 7.48, bright OFF) it will curl your toes and make you laugh out loud. Don't do this with your wife or girlfriend close-by or you will be sleeping on the couch. :shock: :D

Check at stage volumes and tell me I'm crazy. Hint: I'm not crazy.

The main factor that's been consistent since I've owned the Axe-FX (June 2007) is the clarity of the top end; you only get that in the good amps out there; well dialed amps with good tubes in them. Now? You get more of it. Clarity HD. :eek: :cool:

On this thread; I need to redo the OP and I'll probably start a new thread to do so.
Re: Deconstructing my JCM-800 Preset Firmware 10.02

gittarzann said:
Scott Peterson said:
and other bands (Icon, if you know who they are) :D
You are a Rock and Roll Maniac!
No dammit...Hot Desert Night and Under My Gun :mrgreen:

There's sysx file here to download..but I'm an axe fx retard. How can I get that file into and use on the axe fx? ? Is the file a preset? :?:


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Re: Deconstructing my JCM-800 Firmware 10.02 **ONLY 10.02 ON

Definitely going to have to give this Tape drive setting a try thanks Scott!
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