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Deciding to Sell


When I bought my first guitar, I was a bit disappointed at how hard it was to play. I couldn't just pick it up and play my favorite songs. Stuck with it though and 20 years or more down the road, I'm still learning, but quite glad I stuck with it.

Axe is the same way, bit overwhelming at first, but something that really will grow into one of the best purchases you ever made


Power User
maybe when the AXF III is easier to program/use and made in china and costs $799 i'll be back...
If it ended up being even more simplified to use by reducing the tweakability options, then everyone will end up with such similar sounds in the end. The fact that it is so tweakable helps ensure that everyone has their 'own' sound, rather than sounding like the same preset/default.

That's the problem I had the the Line 6 units, everyone sounded similar and originality went out the window.
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