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Deciding to Sell


I understand where you're coming from. I was also frustrated with the Axe for a long time, trying to get usable tones from it. But the thing that I disliked about it at first (how complex it is) is actually one of the things I like most about it now. I like having the flexibility to dial in my tones.

It would be nice if there was a "beginner" setting that would give you usable tones with the push of a button... although I've found with firmware v15.02, it's really easy to get amazing tones.

Lastly, I helped a friend of mine set up her HD500X last week, and I found the interface very easy to use, but the tones are no where close the quality of the Axe Fx. Just a whole different level of quality. I was able to get some "decent" tones, but honestly, nothing I would feel comfortable playing in public. Also, while easy to set up, it was frustrating not being able to get in and tweak the settings to the level that the Axe Fx allows.

Best of luck to you! :)
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just asked for RMA # from fractal. nice unit (great efx) but too complicated for me. thx guys for the help. I'm going to buy a Line 6 Pod HD 500x most likely to replace this. does anybody know why it's cheaper than the rack unit (Line 6 HD Pro X)?
Good call. It's work, but not everyone cares to put in that time (which is not a bad thing...it just IS.)

Good luck to you.


Chiming in late, but i remember i was disapointed during my first week with the Ultra and thought of sending it back, until i began to find sounds i loved. And it only occured by tweaking my own presets...
With the II i think it's a lot easier to get wonderful sounds in minuts by the way...


Congratulations man! Keep working at it, it will pay off. Also, there are LOTS of great folks on here that are more than happy to help. Some are even willing to give live one-on-one help. Keep rockin' brother!


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What really helped me was investing the time into building my basic patches, then practicing alone with my system at stage volume and making tweaks, then going to full band rehearsals and making more tweaks. I only had about 2 weeks between the time my system arrived, and the time when I had to take it on the road. It definitely meant "going for it" and I continued to make minor adjustments after soundchecks for the first week. I absolutely love my system.


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I think you will regret selling it big time after a while and end up buying one again and loosing some money in the process.
In my view you already have the ultimate rig for home (read any) use .. the axe are small, and paired with a smaller set of studio monitors
you have everything you ever want to have for home use.

Of course this is my opinion and I'm not an expert by any means. But giving the argument as I understood it, I think selling the axe fx and getting
some kind of amp and possible over time some small pedals is counteractive to your goals .. if I misunderstood I apologize :)

So why don't you just swap the monitors for something smaller, lower the volume and select an amp and a preset and play for a month or two?
pretend you don't have anything but that preset .. and I think you will soon find yourself happy that you have all that extra power under the hood.


well just my 2 cents for what it's worth ..

good luck and have a good one


* edit*

I didn't read through all the postings, you might already decided to go for one or the other solution ..

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The Axe Fx has come a long way since the days of the Standard. It's getting very close to being plug and play these days, but yet still has all the customization options one could dream of. I've found that most of me previous "tweaking" can now be avoided by choosing the right cab IR and playing with only the cab IR parameters. From there, it's just a matter of fine tuning the Basic amp settings.

Ben Randolph

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I found it best to focus on one or two amp models. Treat it like you would any other amp + pedal rig. Don't get overwhelmed, just focus on building a basic rig. Compressor + Wah + a Drive block. Amp + Cab, then a delay, maybe chorus and reverb. Mirror a pedalboard with your most used effects. Make that into one patch and dive in for a while. Then, you'll master the unit without getting overwhelmed.


Glad you decided to stay with it. I have loved my XL from the first day !. One thing I think is a MUST for the AXE is the Community here and Also Axechange.


just asked for RMA # from fractal. nice unit (great efx) but too complicated for me. thx guys for the help. I'm going to buy a Line 6 Pod HD 500x most likely to replace this. does anybody know why it's cheaper than the rack unit (Line 6 HD Pro X)?
My advice- Give it more time.
I have had all of the Line 6 stuff since the Ax212 15 years ago, and the HD500.
Decent but not in same conversation.

There is nothing complicated about the Axe Fx II.

Guthrie Govain uses stock presets.

Find a few stock presets that are close to what you like and tweak them a little if needed based upon your guitars and rig.

I only use a few non stock presets and have had an Axe Fx Ultra and now an Axe II for years.

It is easy to get great sound out of it, and only complicated if you want to do advanced stuff.
If you can turn a knob or push a switch on a real amp-you can handle it.


Well I should've listened to everyone. I bought the SL5 and just got it yesterday. It sounds really good but it's loud as can be. Luckily I didn't sell my axe, I think I will stick with that. Even on 1 watt mode this SL5 is super loud, over 100db.


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Headphones... the great volume reducer. Axe Fx II sounds great that way if you really want to get loud in a neighbor-friendly way. Glad you're sticking with it.


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Yep. 5 watts is still a lot of noise! I started out on a Fender Vibro Champ. 6 watts. Couldn't hang with a drummer, but darn loud in my bedroom!


Good call on keeping it. I sold my Ultra a couple of years back for the II - long wait lists pushed me to an amp - with the excuse that there'd be less tweaking and I could have it sooner. I ended up playing way less because it was so damn loud and didn't sound amazing at lower volumes. Plus my wife and kids didn't appreciate my noodling. I've sold it all again 2 years later and have an XL incoming.


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When I play out in clubs I use a matrix and 2 4x12 cabs and go through the pa, at home I can plug into my home stereo and it sounds killer studio monitors, 1-12 cabs I have even plunged into a tabletop Bose system sounded great. If its too loud turn it down.you can have the AxeFx2 at a whisper and have a killer screaming guitar sound comment out. Headphones
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