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December 25th - Gift of Tone - Metallica’s Live Preset?

la szum

Metallica is easy to do yourself. No need for their "proprietary" tones. There is nothing special going on in the tone. It is guitar, amp, some eq in the loop, cabs, occasional efx. Basic efx were delay for leads chorus on the cleans some verb in the mix. The wah wasn't really a thing in the early albums, as it is in every thing since black.

These are all the early tones up to Justice.

The MOP and Ride are very similar tones and these can be tweaked for Ride very easily. I have tried these on my Afx3 and I was able to hit these early tones easily.

I am not a fan of their stuff after Justice, so I never tried. I liked Deth Magnetic because it sounded like Garage days to me and the new Song Lux Aeturna sounds like the old days as well. I grew up listening to Kill em all through the black albums and was opening for these guys and the other biggies (before anyone knew who they were) back then.


That's awesome! Be cool if you shared those with us. :)


That's awesome! Be cool if you shared those with us. :)

This is copying the album tones not live tones, from the classic albums.

I use a dark guitar with Dimarzio's in it, so this might be bright for others, but it is a start and uses most of Flemming's eq moves from the albums he recorded.

I used a V30 cab in the AX3 that was a little brighter since the early albums were a little brighter in the high end. I could have used a Marshall cab, but that felt too bright to me.

There are 3 scenes. 1 is the dirty Rythm tones. 2 is leads, 3 is cleans.

Give it a shot. I never have luck with other people's presets sounding good for me. That is why I always give people the tools to make their own presets. If you want to tweak I suggest you look at my post earlier in the thread with all of Flemming's notes.


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