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DC Adapter voltage variance

Rich G.

Now that I'm pretty much stuck at home for a while I decided to do some organizing. One of the items on my list is to sort out my ever growing collection of about 50 wall warts. Some are AC, some DC, some 12 volts, some 9, some have special connectors, others are standard 2.5 mm barrels. During the sorting out and testing process, I realized many of my so called 9 Vdc adapters are more like 12 Vdc despite what the nameplate says. The Boss adapters are pretty true to their rating and regulate voltage as well (I measured voltage at no load and 100 ohm load). A lot of the generic 9 Vdc adapters measured out to be 12 Vdc. Some as high as 15 Vdc.

Moral of the story... Don't go by the sticker on the adapter. Measure the the voltage.


Power User
Boss ACA power supplies- say 9v but put out 12v

A vintage boss pedal won't run on 9v, but only 12. Unless it's on a daisy chain for some reason

A fresh 9v is 9.6v so EHX makes their boss/ibanez replacement power supply at 9.6v

Now here's a tip- if you have a real boss aca power supply they sell used for $50

Anyway throw the wall warts on ebay and buy a nice voodoo lab power supply and you're set


I thought you were requesting variable battery power in the pedals on the AXE. that might be a good idea?
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