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Wish Data corrupter - earthquaker


it's one of those pedals that has an infinite variety of nuttyness. it's probably possible to replicate some of it's sounds....synth plus bit crush plus ring mod...i dunno, just guessing at the moment. the axe fx mayy actually be too precise to emulate the glitchy vibe of this pedal


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The portamento is cool, and AFAIK, that can't be done with an AxeFX (somebody will probably prove me wrong), but other than that, you can get those kinds of effects with synth, drive, and modulation blocks. Although the PLL does give it a distinctive sound. The tracking sounds very good.


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  • Portamento.syx
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I love Earthquaker Devices pedals but to be honest the sound of this pedal isn’t very appealing or musical to me. I would love to see better Bit crusher and Ring Modulator sounds in the Axe fx though. I think these can be improved.
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