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You gotta be careful when you're taking it downtown...



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....can't tell if this is meant literally or not.
Oddly enough , this past week - I've managed to actually bite the inside of my lip - 5 days in a row , twice on 2 of the days , while eating. Great experience.

I told my 76 year old mother about it , to which she replied , " why are you doing THAT ?" - to which I replied ( this is all thru text message - while she's in Fla ) "well , it feels great , AND I love the taste of blood with my food"
....Hope you just stopped yourself from saying something.


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I did that once on stage so bad that I looked like Gene Simmons. I just went with it for the effect.

Too bad it was a top 40 band. It looked good on our rock songs but it was strange on a bloody Madonna song.


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A couple of months back I was eating a pork chop and, for reasons still unexplained, I bit down hard on my tongue, resulting in grief, blood, and large pain. The spot swelled to pea-sized 'artifact' which remained painful and irritating for a few days. Super annoying...
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