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Dallas guitar festival.

Larry Mitchell

I’m here at the dallas guitar festival for Knaggs guitars. But I’m answering a lot fractal questions it seems :0) and always always fun to run I go fellow fractal forum users.


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This kills me. This was the first time in years I haven't been to the Dallas show. Just had too many other obligations and couldn't get it done. Would have loved to shake your hand and meet Leon as well.

Larry Mitchell

Both Eric and I have our own models with Knaggs guitars. So we played at the G-Brats guitar booth. They have a lot of Knaggs as well as PRS, Tom Andersons and more at the both. It looks like we will be at the Atlanta Guitar show coming up next month as well.

I have not tried thee FM3 yet. I wish i could have made it to the Axe Fx in Boston but i was just coming back into the country and landed on the on the other side of it. ;-)


Especially, one from down under:) What guitars, hey you tried the new fm3 :)


Fractal Fanatic
I had no idea this was on until I flew in to spend some time with my in-laws. Ending up having a great hang with Larry and an awesome afternoon!
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