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Cygnus vs. FW15 chuggz

Which One?

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So it’s 2 AM here and I just listened that through studio monitors. Didn’t notice I had my volume around 70 % until I pressed play on your clip. I think I woke up the whole neighborhood.

Clip 1 sounded more open and breathes more so I guess it has the Chugnys.


#1 is Cygnus. But not much difference in the clip, Cygnus has to be played and felt in person.
Yeah there's definitely some low end beefiness I'm enjoying, and I would tweak it a bit to match what I had before but I left the settings alone for a quick A/B


A comparison test of my experience with III and FM3 leads me to clip1 be Cygnus.
You would clearly distinguish the differences when tried A/B in a room environment.
Thanks for posting this, that was a quick turn-around! I could certainly hear a big difference in headphones, but it looks like I voted for FW15 haha.

I blindly voted #2 thinking it sounded "tighter" in the low-end near the chugs and thus better suited in a mix. Looks like Cygnus has a bit of extra low end to account for - I'll have to take note of that. Maybe once it's mixed the way you like it I'll prefer Cygnus. There's so much compression and limiting going on (SoundCloud?) that it's kind of hard to make an assessment on some of the other aspects.

Sick riffs by the way.


Fractal Fanatic
Clip 1 sounds tighter in the low low low end.
Clip 2 is a little flubby in comparison.


Wow, I could really hear the difference in the single note riffing after the strumming. Both sound great, but 1 is another level. I would say 1 is Cygnus. I hope I am not wrong, LOL. Would you be willing to share the preset?
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