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Cygnus has a certain sizzle.......


Fractal Fanatic
I've never really lost myself in playing a Fractal until now. I turn it off, come back next day and turn it on. Same thing. All these years and it seems to finally be in the sonic nirvana realm now. I know Cliff will strive further, but it is amazing. I am running 7 different amp models(1 is a repeat) in my 2 amp block system, per patch. They ALL sound different and I am using the same IR on all but 1. The realism is legit and I am super excited to play out this weekend with the new FW!


Since day 1 with my axe 2 I was "home". And now with the III and Cygnus, it's amazing. After the 2 I thought I'd never have to buy anything else, ever. Then there was the 3 haha. Done now,....maybe.
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