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Cygnus Beta - first impressions

Tommy Tempest

Power User
After I got my first AXE FXII XL+, I never expected anything better. Now I'm a few units in and no matter how subtle, I am always amazed at every firmware update I ever received. This one, like many before it, will be another game changer.


Fractal Audio Systems
I wonder if my local hospital will be willing to put me under a medically induced coma until this firmware comes out?

Joe Bfstplk

Fractal Fanatic
Morgan AC-20 Bass. Turned bass down to 3, rest is all flat. Gibson Les Paul (sorry gets pitchy somewhere in there)
1:00 I turn on the bright switch
2:08 turn on 12 dB Neutral Boost

First audio clip I listened to at the new house. Fantastic dynamics and punch!

So much left to move. 'Camping in' on closing day. Movers come next week.


New Member
I just finished up the Mesa Mark models and fixing some mistakes in the Triaxis models. My lead tone in the 80s/90s was Triaxis LD2 Yellow so I dialed that up and got instantly transported back in time.

The other thing I'm noticing is that it seems I can use almost any IR now and it sounds good.
The last phrase about IR is very relevant...more than any clip.
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