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Custom Doubler Effect


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Double Trouble

Here's another preset I just ported from my Axe-Fx II presets but I've updated it a bit.
  • It uses 2 Cali Leggy amps panned hard left/right with slightly different settings on each.
  • Each side goes to an IR, left a V30, right a Citrus Cab.
For the doubler effect I use both random time and amplitude shifts to simulate the sort of thing that happens when you double track guitars - you may be in time sometimes, slightly behind at others.
Similarly with the pluck of the strings - you may hit the strings a bit softer or a bit harder at times.

To simulate the random time shifts
  • I use the flanger block
  • The block is NOT setup as a flanger - the depth is set to 0, mix 100%
  • Instead I only use the fractional delay parameter
  • The delay parameter is attached to a Random type LFO
To simulate the amplitude time shifts
  • I use the volume block
  • Attach a modifier to the output level
  • There's many other blocks you can use for the same purpose.
  • The modifier is attached to a Random type LFO
To enhance the simulation
  • An envelope modifier is attached to the run/stop parameter of the LFO 1/2 controllers
  • The curve is setup so that on a new attack, the LFO's RUN producing some new random value
  • As you sustain a chord, the modifier curves and the envelope controller are setup so the LFO's stop as soon as possible
  • You may have to tweak the envelope controller to achieve a good balance of start/stop.
Unfortunately it suffers from the "panning HAAS effect" because the right side is delayed So it sounds as if it's panned to the left, but the levels actually are matched.

In any case, here's how it sounds, the first half is real double tracking, the second half is the doubler effect:
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Interesting indeed, what are the upper/lower delay time limits you suggest for the random LFO/MIN-MAX values ?


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You don't happen to have a preset for the axe II also do you? Would really like to try this out!
I posted a preset in the emulating the tc mimc thread. It's exactly the same principle.

Using two different amps, like a Marshall-based and a Mesa-based, reduces the HAAS effect a lot.
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