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Curious about using a talk-box like Banshee or Heil w/ Axe II - easy? Idea's?

Thinking of incorporating one the talkboxes w/ my Axe FX XL+ and MFC 101. Guitar speaker monitor is a QSC 12 kind of device.

Is this easy to do or not? Looking for easy & simple.
Experiences? Idea's ?


The Heil will need a power amp. Maybe an Electro Harmonix magnum 44? And would need to be after the 'Axe-Fx' using output #2 (if using output #1 in a stereo setup), so that you could switch it in and out. Or in a mono setup, use the Left output for the FRFR and the Right output for the Heil/Amp and use a 'Volume/Pan' block to select between outputs. There even more complex routings that include running the Mic through the 'Axe-Fx' also, for post talk-box EQ and effects.

The Banshee has it's own power amp, so would be easier to incorporate. Put it between the guitar and the 'Axe-Fx' and your done.


I use the Banshee & Banshee 2. I also have the MXR, but the tube is so thick, it's tough to position it
on the mic stand. Just plug guitar into the input, output to Axe (or whatever is next in your effects chain).
When you activate the talkbox, signal is disconnected from everything after the talkbox and routed through
the tube to a vocal mic. Very easy to set up & use. I also have the old Heil, but it's a pain to set up.
The Banshee or MXR is the way to go


Like Moke said, the easiest talkbox to deal with is the Banshee, and it sounds great. You can either put it in fron of the amp, or the effect loop (if you want some fx running into the talkbox). If you simply put it between your guitar and the axefx, as the Banshee will automatically kil the signal running to the amp, when the talkbox is engaged.


I use the MXR talk box for my Bon Jovi tribute band. I have it in the loop and actually in between the amp and cab in the chain so that I can use the sound of the HBE instead of the distortion in the unit. I turn that gain all the way down. Sounds killer to me. I leave the loop on all the time with my patches, so that I can just turn the talk box on without changing scenes.


I have a Banshee talk box that I run out of my effects loop (with a dummy 1/4" plug in the loop return so it will work like and X/Y box). I like the direct signal of my guitar or wireless plugged directly into the Axe FX, and I have an instrument cable and a power cable sending out a clean signal to my Banshee on the floor. I kick in the effects loop, or a scene on my MFC so I don't have to fuss with the switches on the talk box. Sounds great, and of course, the sound goes through our PA.


I use a Banshee before the AxeFx. So it's a DRY effect but it sounds awesome anyway. A real head-turner.
Just an aside: I bought my Banshee from Robert 'Kool' Bell from Kool and the Gang.


Fractal Fanatic
The Banshee is the easiest to use (I have one), but it has far too much distortion for classic rock (Frampton) and isn't very loud. I have to run the gain control at 0.5 to get the right amount of distortion, which makes it very noisy.

What I ultimately did was build my own using a horn driver and a Class D power amp from Parts Express. I use a VG-99 to drive the input of the amp using a Plexi model. The gain is just right and I can make it loud out of the tube.

I also built my own driver enclosure, on which a threaded aluminum tube screws on to the driver. This tube is my mic stand as well. A flexible tube exits out the side of the main tube just below the mic clip. So the sound shoots up the center of the mic stand until it reaches the mic, negating the need for an unsightly tube.

The last thing I did was purchase a midi-controlled audio relay board from Tindie, which lets me route the mic into my Axe FX when using the talk box instead of sending the mic through the vocal channel of the main board. This way, I have total control of eq and effects on the talk box.

But if you want quick and easy, the Banshee is the way to go IMO.
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