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Curiosity on durability


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I was on the waitlist to buy my Mark I...don't remember how many years ago that is. The only issue I ever had was forgetting to turn up the output knob once at a gig...of course it was the last thing I thought to check :oops:


I've been using George Ls cables for more than 15 years and never had a problem that wasn't my own fault.

I had two rigs with GCX loop switchers full of pedals plus amp and rack effects all connected with George Ls patch cables. And my main guitar cables are also from them.

Curious as to what the problem was? My guess is that either the set screw on the connector wasn't tightened enough or was over tightened...

I dunno. I had been using them for a few years, mounted in a pedalboard. Worked fine, but all of a sudden they started "die (ie no sound what so ever) for no reason. Twice I tried that everything was fine during sound check, but when hitting the stage the was no sound. The second time, the band had started playing without me, and I had to stop the song :-s I ran a pretty large pedal board at the time, so there was instant panic to locate the culprit. Lastly I used a George L. from my axefx to the poweramp (despite my conserns, the ability to make exactly the lenght I needed was just too darn convenient ;) ), and started getting huge cuts in volume during rehearsals after ea few months. I swiched poweramp, and even Axefx, but the problem still came and went over a weeks time or so. Finally switched to another cable, and haven't had the problem since. I am not saying don't use their cables, I personally just would never feel comfortable using them again :)
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